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Producer—Director—Writer—Video Cowgirl

Dana Millikin is an EMMY-award winning television journalist and TV non-fiction producer, director and writer.

It all started back when TV was powered by kerosene, Dana began shooting TV news in Houston, Texas. With her trusty camera, cowboy hat and boots, she reported and shot everything from oil well blowouts to hurricanes and of course, numerous police vs. bad guy gun battles. She ‘ran hot’ on high speed chases, hung out of helicopters and even spent a week on horseback documenting a 100-mile cattle drive made up entirely of Texas longhorns that ended in a stampede!

When she made it to the promised land of California she felt like she struck TV gold. Landing a producer position at NBC News, Dana traveled extensively producing and writing reports for Tom Brokaw, Maria Shriver and other big gun correspondents of the day. Before long, her expertise helped her earn Executive Producer credits and more worldwide travel producing and directing documentary series and specials. She’s covered mudslides in Honduras and mouse plagues in Australia. She’s filmed underwater reality shows about sharks and alligators (Yes, you can swim with them, if you know how) and learned the secrets of travel survival by interviewing those lived to tell the tale.

Through the years, Dana has supervised the production of hundreds of hours of primetime programs on networks such as The Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, History Channel, TLC, Travel Channel, PBS and for international syndication. Now she’s hitting the road again to tell some more great stories with her friends and fellow travel lovers at Allez Entertainment.

Through Dana's Lens

An Eye for the Sublime

I love to travel to see what I have never seen. I love to travel to connect, to experience, to understand and to know more. I love to travel because it makes me think deeper, relax and laugh louder. Travel is my canvas, my clay and my pen.

Travel is my muse.

Dana Millikin
Dana Millikin
Executive Producer