From Paris to Los Angeles and everywhere in between, let's make great things together.

ALLEZ Entertainment creates and distributes exciting digital content with a unique twist. Our destination and discovery videos motivate viewers to take action and now your message can be part of the fun.

Using proven social media reach and decades of commercial television business know-how, ALLEZ provides your company with relevant web and social media content to create awareness, establish credibility, inform, gain attention and more.

Our team of Hollywood television veterans and social media marketing influencers deliver fresh, authentic storytelling that persuades. And here’s the twist: We are establishing a video library of valuable new content that you can leverage to reach and connect with online communities, boosting your bottom line and enabling your brand to flourish.

We provide customized video content to match your brand’s guidelines and showcase its expertise in key areas. This combination insures strategic, creative and professional videos that convey on-target brand messaging. But there is more. When your company is integrated into enjoyable and useful content you not only serve your audience, but also build loyal and lasting fans.

ALLEZ is also a full-service media marketing company. We work exclusively with you by providing everything needed to generate special material. From conception through pre-production, scripting, filming and post-production, ALLEZ can do it all. In addition, we offer auxiliary products, including still photography, written articles and copy editing for American media placement. So, if you have an idea let us know. ALLEZ!

Our Services

From concept to completion, we do it all.

Original Series

ALLEZ has a multitude of original travel series in the works featuring France and the French influences around the world. For brands and destinations, we integrate your messages into the series. For media outlets, we’re create valuable and engaging video content for web and social media use.

Bespoke Content

ALLEZ will craft your brand or destination’s unique content. From conception through pre-production, scripting, filming and post-production, we create customized video projects to suit your needs. Our 50+ combined years of video production for America’s most watched networks ensure exceptional work.

The ALLEZ Team

We're visual storytellers.

Executive Producer


When it comes to TV production, Bob has just about done it all in his 30+ years of experience in Hollywood. A graduate from the London Film School, Bob has produced shows for ABC, NBC, CNBC, Fox, Spike and the Discovery Channel.

Executive Producer


Dana’s spent 20+ years in front and behind the camera, racking up EMMY awards along the way. She’s worked as a TV journalist, camerawoman and executive producer at NBC, PBS, Fox, the Travel Channel, the History Channel, among others.

Executive Producer/Host


With a love of storytelling, Leah’s career is diverse. Her writing and photos appear in acclaimed media outlets and She works with brands and destinations as an influencer, is a social media manager, consultant and host.

What is Finding France?

'Finding France: Los Angeles'

'Finding France' is an informative online travel series that provides fun video guides with French influences on destinations around the globe, as well as regions throughout France. From food, fashion, history, culture, accommodations and things to do, viewers are invited to come along with host, Leah Walker, to discover all things French.

The first edition of 'Finding France' explores Los Angeles, California, a place most people don’t think of as very French. From the French settlers in the 1800s who established the city’s first winery, bakery and hospital to those making their marks today, we uncover how French influence thrives in the City of Angeles.