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ALLEZ (pronounced ahl-AY) A French word meaning 'to go' or 'come on'.

We are working to connect the dots between countries and cultures! As television producers, journalists, writers and photographers headquartered in Paris and Los Angeles, we understand how France has influenced and continues to influence the world in ways we had not before imagined. So we created ALLEZ Entertainment as a unique space where we could share the joys of our travels and explore the special ways our world is interconnected. We hope you will enjoy joining us on this adventure!

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'Finding France: Los Angeles'

'Finding France' is an informative online travel series that provides fun video guides with French influences on destinations around the globe, as well as regions throughout France. From food, fashion, history, culture, accommodations and things to do, viewers are invited to come along with host, Leah Walker, to discover all things French.

Los Angeles, California is a place most people don’t think of as very French. From the French settlers in the 1800s who established the city’s first winery, bakery and hospital to those making their marks today, we uncover how French influence thrives in the City of Angeles.

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Video production for 10+ major American TV networks and 50+ years combined experience

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When it comes to TV production, Bob has just about done it all in his 30+ years of experience in Hollywood. A graduate from the London Film School, Bob has produced shows for ABC, NBC, CNBC, Fox, Spike and the Discovery Channel.

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Dana’s spent 20+ years in front and behind the camera, racking up EMMY awards along the way. She’s worked as a TV journalist, camerawoman and executive producer at NBC, PBS, Fox, the Travel Channel, the History Channel, among others.

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With a love of storytelling, Leah’s career is diverse. Her writing and photos appear in acclaimed media outlets and LeahTravels.com. She works with brands and destinations as an influencer, is a social media manager, consultant and host.